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Leadership Team

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Vlad Albu

I was born in Suceava, Romania, but I lived in the United Kingdom for 17 years where I owned my own construction business. I am happily married with three wonderful children, and I also am and have been a church pastor for 11 years. I am the construction and grounds manager for the Fight for Freedom center in Verești. I do whatever needs doing on a daily basis for Freedom House.

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Gheorghe Ignat

I was born in Bucovina, Romania, I am a co-founder of the packaging company Urspack, and I am blessed to be married with four children. At one time, I participated in wrestling, sambo, and MMA fights on the national and international stage, but I gave my life to Christ after some poor decisions led to my incarceration in Romania and, later, in the UK. While in prison, I felt inspired by God to start a home for people who had come out of prison so that they could have a place to begin their lives anew with acceptance and love. Fight for Freedom was born.


Vasile-Avram Ursaciuc

I was born near Suceava, Romania, and I am married with four children, three boys and a girl. I am a co-founder of the packaging company Urspack, and I am a vice-president of Fight for Freedom with an emphasis on the spiritual side of the organization and on mentoring.


Petru Moțac

I was born near Radauti in Romania, but I now live and work in England where I own a construction shop which employs about 100 people. I am on the managing board for Fight for Freedom.


How To Help

We rely on donations to carry out our mission and help those in need. Your support has helped us feed, clothe, and house hundreds of people in need and we could not have done it without you. Your donations make a real impact and we are grateful for them. 

Anyone who cares about helping those in need can volunteer with Fight for Freedom. Volunteers from all over the world have joined our cause and supported our mission through their time and effort. 

Founded in February of 2019, Fight for Freedom is committed to standing with people whom society has overlooked as they fight to overcome poverty, ostracism, isolation, or past mistakes. We honor and seek to serve these unseen fighters.

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