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three meals



two snacks

 $3 per day

Dare to commit
$3 per day

and feed the children

This is Duda. Here we will have his story. This is a draft but so far I know he has some health issues, is an orphan (we can tell his story by obtaining permission), and had to relocate due to war in Ukraine. He also doesn't have the ability to be adopted by anyone because of martial law. I think his story is worth listening to.

Why is your commitment important?

Duda is not the only orphan that Fight For Freedom is taking care of. In total there are 485 children. 

Your support created long-lasting impact

Our goal is for the children to grow up to have a positive influence and impact on their surrounding community and individuals. Your choice of supporting us will enable our team to be intentional in the slow yet important process of growing up with the right values.


Story 1
from doctor

Story 2
Video from Convoy of hope

Story 3
Video of our team talking about 485

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