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Food for Ukrainian Civilians

War, fear, loss, and grief is the new reality for many Ukrainians. What used to be a basic need, is now a need for survival. Where will a grieving mother get her next meal? How will a child survive the next day? Through the help of volunteers and partner organizations, Fight For Freedom delivers food packages to cities with the highest number of internally displaced people. Food aid is also being delivered into dangerous hotspot cities and going directly into the hands of Ukrainians who live there. By providing food today, we provide for the future of tomorrow.

Home for the Homeless

After persistently working with ex-prisoners Fight For Freedom expanded the project in hopes of reaching the homeless communities of Romania. When most homeless people are released from prison, they have nowhere to go. During the brutal months of winter, jail cells tend to become full with people who seek the comfort of warmth and food. They commit crimes just to avoid facing the freezing temperatures. At Casa Fara Celor Casa a person can receive shelter, clothes, haircuts, a bath, treatment from diseases, friendship, hospitality, God's love, and hope for a bright future.

Hope for Ukrainian Children

The armed conflict in the Kyiv region is continuously escalating and is far from getting better. Threats from Russia and recent military drills held by Belarus, keep Ukrainian parents anxious and full of fear for the lives and safety of their children. After being contacted by Kyiv Oblast Social Services, Fight For Freedom jumped into action and evacuated 60 children ages 3-17, from previously Russian-occupied towns. Some of the parents of these children are serving on the front lines in the Ukrainian army, and while this was an incredibly difficult decision for them, they prioritized the safety of their children and gave consent for their evacuation.

James 1:27

Fight for Freedom would like to introduce you to Lesya. This is her story.
Alone, she is raising two one-year-old girls and a three-year-old boy in the town of Bucha near Kyiv. March of 2022, immediately after the invasion, Lesya, her husband and their three children had to hide in their underground cellar during the severely dangerous missile attacks. After a long, treacherous week Lesya’s husband risked leaving the shelter and went back to their apartment, just a few blocks away, for only two things: milk and baby diapers.

He never returned. They found him much later...

Love Covers Everything

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many family breadwinners lost their jobs as businesses shut down. At that period of time while it was hard for everyone, it was especially difficult for vulnerable families to keep afloat. In the year 2020, Fight For Freedom served over 600 families by assisting in food nourishment and medical provision. Currently, the project is steadily running as FFF distributes food aid to 30 different Romanian villages a month.

Orphan Rescue

For many weeks in Odessa, Ukrainian orphanage staff carried babies and guided toddlers to the safety of bomb shelters during the air raid sirens. The reality was that this situation is not going to get better. The Ukrainian authorities have evidence that children are being abducted and relocated to Russia, where their fates remain unknown. Realizing the severity of the matter, FFF met with the Ukrainian authorities and performed a care site review. After which the authorities submitted a formal request to FFF to take in 75 children immediately, and possibly hundreds more to follow. Fight for Freedom began to initiate the process of preparing legal paperwork and housing. On July 11th, traveling by night, the FFF team evacuated 130 people; 75 orphaned children; aged 1 month to 4 years old, 50 Ukrainian staff workers, and 5 children of the staff workers. Fight For Freedom pledged to take care of these children until martial law is lifted or until the war is over in Ukraine.

Prison Ministry

The project that ignited the engine of our association started behind prison bars. Did you know that in Romania, 70-75% of prisoners that are released after serving their time, return back to prison!? With God’s help, our goal is to reduce that percentage by visiting them behind bars and offering them a second chance! Fight For Freedom has a nine-month program where prisoners learn how to reintegrate back into society. Currently, FFF works with 44 penitentiaries in Romania.

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Our Projects

Fight For Freedom is rescuing and ministering to orphans, widows, refugees, and other war-torn people of Ukraine, as well as ministering to the homeless, vulnerable people and the  incarcerated in Romania.

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