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Our Projects

Fight for Freedom is committed to standing with people whom society has overlooked as they fight to overcome poverty, ostracism, isolation, or past mistakes. We honor and seek to serve these unseen fighters.

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A Center for the Social Reintegration of Released Prisoners

Everything started with a dream, then with a vision, and we put our faith in the glorious God who can make this dream real. "A center for the social reintegration of released prisoners" project support people who get out of prison and have nowhere to go. Between 70% to 75% of released prisoners from Romania go back to imprisonment because they are not ready for a free life in society. We want to help those people and start a rehabilitation program for several months. In this program, they will receive spiritual food, a place to stay, three meals a day, and a job. The power of this project is God himself. We believe that only God can truly change these people and offer them a free life, so we are grateful to him for all his help.

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A Gift from Jesus

A gift from Jesus Projects is designed especially for those children whose one of their parents is in prison. Around Christmas time, since 2020, Fight for Freedom, together with their volunteers and partners, prepares over 200 gifts with elementary stuff. Every gift contains a letter from the imprisoned parent, a personal hygiene kit, a clothing accessory, toys, sweets, and supplies packed in a shoe box. This project is about Jesus, the Son of God because He identifies these children. Children do not have to pay for their parent's mistakes and to have the negative stigma of their parent's mistakes. We wanted to make a change, to be a reason for joy, a reason for a smile, and a reason for happiness for these children. We believe that only together we can change the world.

Fight for Freedom | Projects

Orphan Rescue

After weeks of carrying babies and guiding toddlers to the bomb shelters during the air raid sirens the reality was that the situation is not going to get better. The Ukrainian authorities have evidence that children are being abducted and relocated to Russia, where their fates are unknown. This new information impelled the Social and Child Protection Services of Odessa to contact Fight For Freedom with a request to urgently evacuate the orphanage. Realizing the severity of the matter, FFF met with the Ukrainian authorities and performed a care site review after which the authorities submitted a formal request to FFF to take in 75 children immediately, and possibly hundreds more to follow. Fight for Freedom began to initiate the process of preparing legal paperwork and housing. On July 11th, traveling by night, the FFF team evacuated 130 people; 75 orphaned children aged 1 month to 4 years old, 50 Ukrainian staff workers, and 5 children of the staff workers. Fight For Freedom pledged to take care of these children until martial law is lifted or until the war is over in Ukraine.

Fight for Freedom | Projects

Hope for UA children

The armed conflict in the Kyiv region is far from getting better. Threats from Russia and recent military drills held by Belarus keep parents anxious and full of fear for the safety of their children. After being contacted by Kyiv Oblast Social Services, Fight For Freedom evacuated children ages 3- 17 years old from previously Russian-occupied towns. Some of the parents of these children are serving on the front lines in the Ukrainian army, and had given consent for the removal of their children for their safety.

Fight for Freedom | Projects

Food for UA civilians

War, fear, loss, hurt, grief, and uncertainty is the new reality for many Ukrainians. Where will a grieving mother get her next meal? How should a child survive the next day? Through the help of volunteers and partner organizations, we deliver food packages to cities with the highest number of internally displaced people and deliver food aid directly into the hands of Ukrainians who live in the hotspot cities, close to the front lines. By giving food today, we provide for the future of tomorrow.

Fight for Freedom | Projects

Home for the homeless

After persistently working with ex-prisoners Fight For Freedom expanded the project in hopes of reaching the homeless community of Romania. Most homeless came out of prison having nowhere to go. When cold weather hits, jail cells fill up with people who commit crimes for the comfort of warmth and food in the jail cell. At Casa Fara Celor Casa a person can recieve shelter, clothes haircuts, a bath, treatment from diseases, friendship, hospitality, God's love, and hope for a bright future.

Fight for Freedom | Projects

Prison Ministry

The project that ignited the engine of our association started behind prison bars. Did you know that 70-75% of prisoners that end their prison time return to prison in Romania? Our goal is through God’s help reduce that percentage by visiting them behind bars to offer a second chance in a nine-month program where they learn how to reintegrate back into society. Currently, we work with 44 penitentiaries in Romania.

Fight for Freedom | Projects

Love covers everything

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many family breadwinners lost their jobs as businesses shut down. At that period of time, it was hard for everyone, but it was especially difficult for vulnerable families to keep afloat. In the year 2020, we served over 600 families by assisting in food nourishment and medical provision. Currently, the project is steadily running as we distribute food aid to 30 different Romanian villages a month.

Fight for Freedom | Projects
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