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Hope for Ukrainian Children

During the onset of the war in Ukraine, concerns arose among the civilian population, particularly regarding the safety of their children. As requested by the Ukrainian government, Fight for Freedom stepped up to provide shelter for those who were at risk. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our team wholeheartedly committed to providing help rather than remaining passive observers. 
Fight for Freedom has successfully evacuated 246 children from the war in Ukraine into the safety of Romania. This initiative has been instrumental in ensuring the well-being of these young individuals who have been impacted by the war. The organization's efforts to provide a safe haven to these children reflects its unwavering commitment towards championing human rights and fighting for freedom for all individuals.
Evacuation of children
from the Kyiv Region

Meet Daryia

Daryia is 17 years old, and her life has been turned upside down because of the war in Ukraine.

Instead of living the life of a 17-year-old, she is living life as a refugee. Instead of spending days
with friends and finishing her education, she is completely responsible for her 6-year-old brother, Aleksander. And instead of coming home each night to her family, she sits in another country and tries not to think about those she loves living in a war zone.


“The war started near our place, and we were under occupation,” Daryia said.

“We heard the rockets and the bombs and the explosions. It was so dangerous to stay there.”

At the start of the war, Daryia and her entire family — father, mother, brother, and grandmother — didn’t leave their house for a month. Her parents became so concerned for their safety that they sent them 250 miles west, but even that wasn’t far enough to escape the fighting. Her mother told her to flee to Romania so they wouldn’t constantly be wondering about her safety.

Daryia agreed, under one condition. “I said I would only go with my brother. I won’t leave him behind.”

The Fight for Freedom team evacuated Daryia and Aleksander alongside 35 other children into Romania. Daryia’s main goal is to keep Aleksander safe. “Sometimes he’s so sad,” she said with sadness. “He misses his mom. Especially in the evening, he can start to cry. But I’m next to him. And we are together.”

When asked if she had become a mother figure to him, she sighed and said, “Yeah. It was not my habit to look after my brother, but day by day, I have adapted to be like a mother for him.”

She’s endlessly grateful for the group home, though. “For me, it’s security. From the other side, I know that it’s very important that I’m here and my brother is here. We’re safe, and nothing bad will happen here.”

But Daryia — even through the tragedy and fear — has found a way to give back. Several of the children living with her and Aleksander come to her to have their hair combed, braided, or decorated. When asked if she helps the girls and boys with their hair, she laughed.

“Yes. Unofficially.”

Story Credit: Convoy of Hope

Fight for Freedom will provide accommodation, shelter, and warm meals for every child evacuated from Ukraine. We are seeking volunteers and center coordinators to plan activities and educational material for the children.
Additionally, financial support is needed to facilitate these efforts.





$10 per day for one child  

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