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Orphan Rescue

In spring of 2022 renovation was begun at the Freedom House in Veresti, Suceava Romania, to accommodate the children. A rough estimate was that the children’s home would arrive in the beginning of Fall. 
Together with the Fight for Freedom administration it was planned for the children to arrive at the beginning of August, due to fears of Russian attacks in the area. Furniture and equipment was purchased for the accommodation of the children, the renovation of the building was completed, and the rooms were cleaned.

The 75 abandoned orphans together with staff are currently staying in Vertesti, Suceava, Romania where Fight for Freedom is based. The building where they are staying has 44 rooms, the children and staff occupying most of the building. Fight for Freedom provides food, amenities and utilities and works with other NGOs to provide specialized care for the children. The rescue of the orphanage has not stopped operations Fight for Freedom is undertaking to help Ukraine.

To expand to other areas in Ukraine, and rescue other children, Fight for Freedom seeks partnerships and funding. With the experience it has accumulated Fight for Freedom is eager to provide a template for other NGOs to join the effort. Because different NGOs specialize in different kinds of help, it will be ideal to find support for various areas of the children’s development. The most important need is volunteers who are willing to help with maintenance of the buildings, helping FFF staff to keep the order and neatness of the buildings. 


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