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Project Spotlight: Ukraine Refugee Support


Refugee Tent - Romanian/Ukrainian border at Siret

At the border crossing, Fight for Freedom has a tent for refugees to stop and take a rest after their harrowing journey. We feed them, give them something to drink, give the kids toys, and help families figure out where they’re going next (buses/trains to Europe, or our “House of Freedom” refugee center in Varesti).


"House of Freedom" Refugee Center - Varesti, Romania

At the “House of Freedom” in Veresti commune, jud. Suceava, we’ve renovated our rehab center to house 92 refugees. Another 58 spots in the other half of the building are under construction. Volunteers from all over the world have come to help. The refugee center allows refugees (which are mostly women (mothers) with small children) a safe place to sleep, eat and clean. 


Humanitarian Aid into Ukraine

We’re working with aid groups getting supplies into affected areas in Ukraine. We’re also driving trucks of supplies ourselves to churches and refugee centers into cities like Odessa and Harkov, and villages like Bănceni and Valya Kuz'myna.



Cont LEI: RO53 BTRLRONCRT 0492160601

Cont EURO: RO03 BTRLEURCRT 0492160601

Cont LIRE: RO58 BTRLGBPCRT 0492160601

Cont Dolari: RO07 BTRLUSDCRT 0492160601

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