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Half-Way House Project

For this project we are looking for volunteers that are

specialized in the skills that will help us complete this reconstruction.

We are looking for teams of 3-10.

Ideally, it will take 10 workers 4 months to complete this project.                                                                                    

Below is the details on the refurbishing plan. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-20 at 10.52.28.jpeg

Stages of work 

Pour foundation  

Pour the concrete floors 

Brick Work (walls)  

Demolition of some walls  to create the new layout  

Roof Structure 

Roof Covering  

Take/Hack of the render from all the old sides  

New Plumbing System - install the pipes for the heating system, sewage system, plumbing system. Install wires for the electric system. 

Install the ceiling structures  

Plaster board the ceilings 

Render the walls - Interior & Exterior (Plaster, Sand and Cement)

Install windows  

New Screed on the floors - (Sand and Cement)

Isolating the building on the exterior.

Finish the exterior work 

Plastering the interior  


Paint the interior  

Fit the plumbing system the heating system 

Fit the kitchen  

Install the electric sockets, switches etc. 

Install the floor layers - parcet etc.

Install interior doors 

Snagging - touch ups 

Exterior driveway and footpath  

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