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Point of Restoration
for Ex-convicts

Fight for Freedom owns a property used as an ammunition warehouse until 1964, when the Russians left Romania. Then it was owned by the communist party. Today, we want to refurbish a building on this property and make it a point of restoration for ex-convicts in Romania.

Instead of a dark history and cold brick walls, there will be rooms hosting people who desperately want to change their lives.

Prisoners get released from prison every day. Where will the go? Who will help them?

This is your opportunity to get involved and help us make this building a beacon of the Gospel.

Help them forget their way back to prison.

State of the House Right Now

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Half-way house-4448.jpg
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Half-Way House Project

Focus: Refurbish the house and make it point of restoration for ex-convicts

Project Length: 4 months

Labor power: 10 people

Beneficiaries: 30 ex-convicts

Cost Total: 47,808 EUR

How to get involved

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