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Freedom House Renovation 

Freedom House has enormous potential as a home for people looking to reintegrate into society; there are 44 rooms in the building, some of which require continued renovation. Once we tear down and rebuild the roof, we hope to create spaces for training courses, conference rooms, chapels, offices, and counseling offices on the upper floor. In total, we estimate that our investment would be about 560,000 euros. We also would like to purchase land surrounding Freedom House to build a larger canteen, workshops, and sports fields. Prayers, donations, and volunteers from the area would all be appreciated!


Ukrainian Refugee Support 

We have been busy since the start of the conflict helping as much as we can. Our current scope is 1) a refugee tent at the Romanian/Ukrainian border, 2) the “House of Freedom” refugee center, and 3) humanitarian supplies to Ukraine. We’ve touched an est. 40,000 refugees through our work and your help. We are still praying for Ukraine and for the power to get involved as much as possible. God bless all of you who have been with us and supporting us.


Freedom House 

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Fight for Freedom helps former convicts and young adults released from orphanages as they attempt to reintegrate into Romanian society. We offer a place to live at Freedom House, provide assistance with job preparation and placement, and offer psychological and spiritual counseling. We want everyone we serve to achieve their goals of independence and self-

sufficiency and to live freely and fully as integrated citizens.


Housing the Homeless

Fight for Freedom invites people without homes to join us seven days a week in the Burdujeni neighborhood of Suceava for a hot meal at dinnertime and worshiping with song and preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. Furthermore, once a week our beneficiaries have access to a shower, and we also have washing machines for them to wash their clothes.  Every Saturday, a professional barber comes to offer shaves and haircuts, and soon, we will have finished enough rooms for 30 people to be able to sleep in our building in a warm space away from the harsh winter weather. We hope that this shelter in Burdujeni will be the first of many across Romania.


Love Covers All

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many families in Romania face poverty, unemployment, and the loss of loved ones. The Suceava Municipality, in particular, endured total quarantine in the early days of the pandemic. To help people as they overcome these struggles, Fight for Freedom began buying food and distributing it to families in the area with many children or elderly citizens. We have assisted over 600 families as of late 2021. 


Freedom Through Reading

Through Fight for Education, Fight for Freedom is paying the school fees every two months for 8 students from difficult social situations to study at a Christian school in the city of Suceava. We are hoping to expand this program in 2022 to more students.

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